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Spam Mitigation

Project Objective

This project is part of a collaborative campus-wide initiative to research, identify, and implement a spam mitigation strategy to reduce spam. It seeks to increase options available to interested UH users and offers additional mail-managing functionality.


UH has implemented spam flagging using the open-source application, "SpamAssassin." The current spam flagging implementation, while helpful in reducing spam, does not reduce spam as much as desired or provide as many user options as desired. Specifically, users have requested software that is more accurate and provides more user-focused options. The current software does not provide for delegation of control or granularity of user options. A need has been identified to investigate and implement a spam mitigation strategy that is more effective and provides more options for controlling spam on the UH campus.

Sophos PureMessage Pilot

The purpose of this pilot was to "road-test" the implementation of our new spam-scanning software, Sophos PureMessage, and get feedback from key customers and support staff prior to campus-wide deployment. Click here to access the pilot site.

Team Members

Dr. Dennis Fouty, Project Sponsor, IT Computing and Telecommunications Services (CTS)
Dr. Betty Roberts, Project Sponsor, IT Technology Support Services (TSS)
Fran Beach, Manager, CTS/Enterprise Computing Systems (CTS/ECS)
Jim McGee, Manager, TSS/IT Support Center (TSS/ITSC)
Russell Crake, User Support Specialist, TSS/ITSC
Mary Dickerson, Project Manager, CTS/ECS
Alan Pfeiffer-Traum, Enterprise Mail Administrator, CTS/ECS
Annette Stanfield, CTS/ECS
Bill Ashley, IT Communications, TSS
Gary Chelette, Spam Training Coordinator, TSS/ITSC
Karl Bernard, IT Security
Charlie Blake, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS)
Tom Jones, College of Technology
Dominic Johnson, TSS Web Technologies
Steve Arnold, TSS/ITSC
Jose Alvarado, TSS/ITSC
Lannette Baptiste, CLASS
Mary Dula, TSS/ITSC