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University Information Technology (UIT) Launches Enhanced Security Services

Contact Information:
University Information Technology
Diane Trippel

University Information Technology (UIT) is pleased to announce the launch of new services designed to help our faculty, staff and students protect their data and keep University information systems safe. New protections will address risks associated with malicious email and preventing unauthorized access to faculty, staff and student accounts.

“With the pandemic forcing our users to conduct the majority of their university business remotely, including online classes, it is even more important to implement technology solutions designed to enhance our protections. Implementing additional email technology to prevent malicious and fraudulent emails from being delivered to our users’ mailboxes is something we have been working on for some time. Our customers asked, we listened, and we were excited to provide these security enhancements,” said Mary Dickerson, Asst. Vice President/Asst. Vice-Chancellor, IT Security and UH Chief Information Security Officer.

“Our enhanced email filtering solution is intelligent,” said David Johnson, Assistant Vice President for Technology Services and Support. “not only can it intercept the malicious messages, it can also be taught to sort the messages we want from the nuisance messages we don’t. Users can make adjustments to their mailbox rules through the daily quarantine digest message so that they only see messages from sources they expect and filtering out any unwanted bulk mail. Our support team is standing by to help users if they need it.”.

Also, to ensure that members of our community are the only ones who can access their accounts, starting on August 17th, all users will be protected by two factor authentication (2FA).  Dickerson continued, “2FA is the most effective way to secure our computer accounts today. 2FA will be implemented on AccessUH to provide users protected access to a variety of campus applications including MyUH, P.A.S.S., HR and Campus Solutions, UHS Finance, Blackboard (Canvas since June 2023) and others.”   By adding a simple additional authentication step, users will be protected against criminals stealing data through phishing and attempting unauthorized access to user’s personal information.  Additional university services will be protected by adding 2FA over the coming months.

For additional assistance visit or contact the UIT Support Center.