2021 Great Conversation Table Topics - University of Houston
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2021 Topics and Conversationalists

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  • On the Road Again? Tourism after the Pandemic

  • I Dissent: The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • Astrology’s Back! Pop Psychology, Personality Types, and our Quest to Know the Self

  • Distill My Heart: Whisky's New World Order

  • Funny Opinions: Humor and the Law

  • Bayou Renaissance: Is Houston the Next Florence?

  • Good Trouble: Disrupting Healthcare in Search of Social Justice

  • "Reds": Russia Through American Eyes

  • American Extremism: Does Our History Make Us Vulnerable?

  • Is Harry Potter Canceled? Distinguishing between Authors and Texts

  • Behind the Austin Curtain: Stories from the Texas Legislature

  • Turning the Page: How do We Move Past a Polarized America?