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Larry Lyke Honors Faculty


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As hard as it is to imagine, Larry Lyke began life at a relatively early age. He was born in the Western Territories, subsequently known as Dakota and, eventually, South Dakota. Larry regrets that he was not born in what was to become North Dakota because he considers it to be above South Dakota.

After attending numerous colleges and universities he finally found one that would grant him the degree he sought. His undergraduate degree is in History and Social Sciences. His M.A. is in Ancient Greece and Rome and Classics. Larry took his Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible and the history of Jewish interpretation. To broaden his career opportunities, Larry took a minor in brain surgery.

Larry researches and writes on the evolution/creation of themes in the Hebrew Bible and how they are treated in subsequent Jewish and Christian traditions. His interests include cars, motorcycles, reading, and teaching baby ducks how to swim. The latter is especially rewarding as it provides maximal satisfaction with minimal work.