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Honors Engineering Program

The Cullen College of Engineering and the Honors College jointly offer a program for Honors College students with majors in engineering: the Honors Engineering Program (HEP).

The HEP is a challenging program that encourages a sense of community among Honors students in engineering and provides an improved experience by offering courses tailored to the needs of these capable, enthusiastic students. As an example, the freshman-level HEP courses, beginning with ENGI 1100 Honors, emphasize team-based, project-oriented learning in small classes, restricted to HEP students. These fun, hands-on courses focus on fostering creative, open-ended thinking and engineering design. HEP students will fulfill many required courses in Honors sections of required engineering courses.

Many HEP students will find they are earning internships and other opportunities by virtue of their participation in HEP. In addition, HEP students have access to the Honors Engineering Program listserve to find out about upcoming HEP events, such as meetings with industry representatives, field trips to engineering companies and sporting events and various social events.

To join HEP, students must be accepted into both the Honors College and the Cullen College of Engineering.