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Honors Biomedical Sciences

The Honors Biomedical Sciences (HBS) program is a rigorous Bachelor of Science degree for highly qualified students pursuing a career in health care. Created in partnership with The University of Texas McGovern Medical School and The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, it offers students a robust curriculum, with honors-level math and science classes along with the built-in Medicine & Society minor. Such coursework exposes HBS students not only to valuable research experience in the hard sciences but also interdisciplinary work in the medical humanities that will encourage a deeper understanding of issues of health and disease from a variety of perspectives: social, historical, cultural, ethical and more.

While housed in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, HBS is the only major at the University of Houston in which students are also required to be members of the Honors College.

From the foundational Human Situation course sequence to Honors courses in chemistry, biology, genetics, the Medicine & Society minor and more, its curriculum is designed to produce skilled communicators and critical thinkers engaged with both immediate and larger issues of medicine and illness – resulting in well-rounded, competitive health profession candidates. For more details on the HBS curriculum, please refer to the HBS Degree Plan.

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To major in HBS:

Students can apply to the Honors Biomedical Sciences major via the ApplyTexas or Common Application.