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Christopher H. Achen, PhD

Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences, Professor of Politics

Princeton University

609 258 0176

Expertise: Political Methodology (particularly in its application to empirical democratic theory), American Politics, and International Relations


Curriculum Vitae


Kathleen Bawn, PhD

Professor, Department of Political Science

University of California, Los Angeles

310 794 5048


Curriculum Vitae

Gail Buttorff, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Kansas University

785 864 9045

Expertise: Comparative Politics, Elections and Political Parties in the Middle East and North Africa, Election Fraud, Game Theory, Applied Methodology and Research Methods

Curriculum Vitae

Francisco Cantu, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

University of Houston

713 743 8978

Expertise: Latin American Politics, Comparative Politics, Methods


Curriculum Vitae


Douglas Dion, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

University of Iowa

319 335 2538

Expertise: Legislative Politics, American Political Development, and Formal Theory


Curriculum Vitae


Jim Granato, PhD

Director, Hobby Center for Public Policy, University of Houston

Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Houston

713 743 3887

Expertise: Policy Analysis, Macroeconomic Policy, Science Policy, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling


Curriculum Vitae


Guillermina Jasso, PhD

Silver Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology

New York University

212 998 8368

Expertise: Basic Socio-Behavioral Theory, International Migration, Inequality and Stratification, Justice, Status, Mathematical Methods for Theoretical Analysis, Factorial Survey Methods for Empirical Analysis


Curriculum Vitae



Tse-min Lin, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Government

University of Texas

512 232 7248



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Rose McDermott, PhD

Professor, Department of Political Science

Brown University

401 863 2833

Expertise: Political psychology, experimental methods, evolutionary psychology, emotion and behavior genetics




Frank P. Scioli, PhD

Former Program Director for Political Science, National Science Foundation (retired)

Expertise: Progran and Policy Evaluation


Curriculum Vitae


Rick K Wilson, PhD

Herbert S. Autrey Professor, Department of Political Science

Rice University


713 348 3352

Expertise: Social and Political Decision Making, Experimental Methodology


Curriculum Vitae

M C Sunny Wong, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Economics

University of San Francisco

415 422 6194

Expertise:Monetary Policy, Learning Dynamics, Business-Cycle Theory, Foreign Direct Investment and the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM)