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Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center Prize for Best Article on Ethics, Leadership, and Public Policy

The Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership at the Hobby School of Public Affairs (University of Houston) will award a prize of $10,000 annually for the best-published article on ethics, leadership, and public policy. An award of $2,500 will be given for honorable mention.

To qualify for the award, an article or paper must have been published (online or in print) in the three years prior to the award announcement. Next year’s prize will be announced in November 2023. For the upcoming award cycle, articles should have been published since November 2020.

Authors may submit their articles directly for consideration. Nominations will also be solicited from journal editors. All nominations must be received for this award cycle by September 30, 2023. Articles that were submitted for the previous year’s prize may not be submitted again. Articles must be less than 12,500 words including notes and references to be considered.

The article should relate to ethics and/or leadership and public policy. The main criteria for the award are:

  • Originality
  • Scholarly excellence
  • Potential to impact our understanding of real-world ethics and/or leadership relating to public policy.

A slight preference will be given to articles that combine ethics, leadership, and public policy. All articles should touch upon some aspect of public policy broadly defined. Ethics articles might develop normative positions on some policy issue (e.g., the ethics of immigration) or discuss ethical decision-making in a public policy setting. Leadership articles might address strategies for improving organizational efficiency. These are only examples and not meant to be definitive. All methodological approaches are welcome.

With the permission of the authors and journals where the winning articles have been published, the EDR Center may pursue the opportunity to publish an online book of prize-winning articles every few years. The purpose will be to make scholarship on ethics and leadership in public policy more accessible to policymakers, analysts, advocates, and students.

Please submit a published copy of your article to Write Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center Prize in the subject line. Submissions will only be accepted from authors of articles and journal editors.

For more information, please contact Daniel Engster at


The Elizabeth D. Rockwell Prize for Best Paper on Ethics, Leadership, and Public Policy was previously known as the Hobby Prize.