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Finance/Controller team raises funds for March of Dimes

By Cindy Granier

A fundraising effort for the March of Dimes/March for Babies organized by the Finance/Controller Office was a big success.

Homemade breakfast tacos sales were held April 12 and May 10, which raised $771.25 in donations.

The tacos were enjoyed by many in the A&F Division, including Genille Rampersad, who told committee members that they “should sell these every week!”

Committee member Irma Perez said they wanted to sell something that people would enjoy.

“Who does not love breakfast tacos? It was a huge success and worth the work and effort,” she said.

Fellow committee member Margaret Drew said it was great fun to work together with other employees to sell the tacos.

“It’s all for a great cause!” said committee member Nancy Palomo.

The Finance/Controller Office would like to thank all who came to enjoy the tacos and support this great cause. A special thanks to the following individuals for their donation of time and support:

  • Transwestern staff
  • Irma Perez
  • Elizabeth Giron
  • Margaret Drew
  • Vi Tran
  • Alma Villarreal
  • Russell Allen
  • Tiffany Brandyberg
  • Nancy Palomo

Additionally, former A&F staff Tom Ehardt and David Ellis, both of whom are retired, took part in the March of Dimes/March for Babies Walk with the Finance/Controller team, as they have done for many years. The A&F Division would like to thank them for their continued participation and support.

In all, the Finance/Controller Office raised over $1,021 for the March of Dimes/March for Babies.