Cougar Card Director, Deborah Davis, selected to participate in First NACCU SAGs Online Course

A group of 12 NACCU campus card professionals from colleges and universities across the country has been selected by the National Association for Campus Card Users (NACCU) as the first cohort of the Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) Program.

While the association’s SAGs were developed in 2011-12 and piloted in 2014, this is the first Standards and Guidelines course to be convened. Standards and Guidelines is a tool for a comprehensive review for campus card programs. The results of this assessment can be utilized to guide strategic plans, identify opportunities for growth, establish emergency preparedness documentation, and pinpoint weaknesses and areas that need further development. This assessment tool allows for a uniform process which can be replicated to ensure the cycle of assessment continues. The SAGs course starting this summer will be a remote classroom experience that will provide step-by-step guidance, support, feedback, and peer review to assist campus card offices in completing the assessment. This process will ultimately provide each campus information that will show the credibility and value of their system by giving detailed baseline assessment for this mission-critical function. The SAGs course will run for ten months.

NACCU welcomes the following institutional members to the 2017-18 SAGs cohort:

  • Rozie Amos, Manager, Unicard Program, University of Calgary (AB)
  • Fabiola Aranda, Assistant Manager, HawkCard; University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Jacki Ashorn, Director, Student Business Services; Texas A&M University
  • Alicia Barnes, Assignments Administrator; Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Meghan Corduan, Key Card Specialist; Taylor University (IN)
  • Deborah Davis, Director, Campus Services; University of Houston (TX)
  • Scott Gallimore, CINO Card Program Coordinator; Coastal Carolina University (SC)
  • Laurie Harris, DukeCard Program Manager; Duke University (NC)
  • Sally Lloyd, Director, Texan Card; Tarleton State University (TX)
  • Corry Moore, Operations Manager, Gator 1 Central; University of Florida
  • Amy Perryman, Manager; Pennsylvania State University
  • Dan Plott, ID and Operations Manager, id+; University of Central Missouri
“NACCU is excited to move into this second phase of the SAGs program. As campus administrations increasingly request faculty and staff to provide data demonstrating that their areas add value in the educational process and enhance the student experience, programs like the SAGs course will become more important,” said Dawn Thomas, NACCU Executive Director. “The interest in the program for the first cohort was extremely high – we are already planning for the second cohort the following year.”

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