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Photo Requirements

Online Request

Follow the photo requirements below to ensure that the file you send will be accepted. Please allow seven to ten business days for your online request to be processed before coming in to pick it up.

Photo Requirements

  • Take photo against a plain white or off-white background
  • Avoid shadows on face and the background (illuminate with light to avoid shadows)
  • Have camera at eye level
  • Front view – full face w/shoulders, eyes open, watch for glare from eyeglasses, no hats or anything to alter appearance, no dark lenses
  • Correct brightness and contrast to avoid obscuring facial features and natural coloring
  • Ensure image is clear – high resolution and correct focus to avoid blurry pictures, no retouched or enhanced photos
  • Photo size must be at least a minimum of 300 pixels X 400 pixels
  • File format must be jpeg
  • File size cannot exceed 1 MB

Sample Unacceptable Student Photos

  • Bad contrast
  • Too Dark
  • Dark Background
  • Goofy Expressions
  • No hats for sunglasses
  • Bad crop

Sample Acceptable Student Photo

sample: acceptable photo