Office of Special Events

  • Investiture
  • President Khator in office
  • room decoration
  • Wortham House Procedure
  • Khator Dinner
  • commencement
  • President Khator seated with student
  • UH Day at Austin
  • President Khator at a reception
  • President Khator and students
  • President Khator class visit
  • President Khator and mascot Shia

The Office of Special Events at The University of Houston handles an average of 125 events per year with a total staff of five, including four event planners and one operational/budget staff person.  This is in no way inclusive of all events that occur on the university campus within a year.  However, it does cover those events that are most closely related to the Chancellor/President of the university and the senior administrators.

University Services

Special Events are regularly conducted at all levels and locations throughout the university system in support of the university’s strategic vision and brand identity.  When involved, the Office of Special Events offers guidance and assistance in several areas.

Protocol Guidelines Adopted from City of Houston as Well as Information of Specific Countries