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How to Obtain a Procurement Card

Obtaining a Procurement Card

  1. Complete and submit the original Local Fund P-Card Application/Approval or State Fund P-Card Application/Approval form to the Program Coordinator:
    This application will provide Purchasing with necessary information about you (the cardholder), the cost center account for default payment, and the Department Head's approval of your application.
  2. Program Coordinator will request issuance of the Procurement Card from Bank One. This process may take 2-3 weeks.
  3. Program Coordinator will contact the card applicant after their card arrives. Applicant should schedule a Procurement Card training session before card issuance. Applicants must bring a photo I.D. to the training session for verification and identification.
  4. Applicant attends training session (approximately 1.5 hours) and signs the Cardholder Procurement Card Agreement affirming that the cardholder has read and understands the policies, procedures, and responsibilities associated with the Procurement Card. (If you have already attended a session, you may pick up your card from the office of the Program Coordinator.)
  5. Card is issued.

Activating Your Procurement Card

The cardholder must call 1-800-890-0746 to activate the Procurement Card before using it. Upon receipt of the card, the cardholder should sign the back of the card to complete the activation process.


How to Get a Pocurement Card
Obtaining a Card
Activating your Card
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