Advanced Science Ethics - Spring 2014

Research Methods and Lives


Course Outline

Below is an outline of the content and activities of the course.

Lesson 1: Formulating a Research Problem

Research Objectives and Operational Definitions

Lesson 2: Identifying Variables

Concept vs. variables; types of variables; measurements scales

Lesson 3: Constructing Hypotheses

Types of hypothesis; errors in testing of hypothesis
Assignment of Projects

Lesson 4: Research Design

Functions and causality of a research design
Homework #1 Out

Lesson 5: Selecting a Study Design

Cross-over, trend, blind, and double-blind studies

Lesson 6: Data Collection

Data collection in qualitative and quantitative research
Homework #1 Due

Lesson 7: Selecting a Sample

Sample size; random, non-random, and mixed sampling

Lesson 8: Exploratory Data Analysis

Histograms and boxplots
Homework #2 Out

Lesson 9: Significance Testing

Paired tests, ANOVA, and corrections

Lesson 10: Non-Parametric Statistics

Descriptive statistics; Wilcoxon test

Lesson 11: Regression

Regression analysis

Lesson 12: Mixed Methods

New methods for interdisciplinary research
Homework #2 Due

Lesson 13: Stoic Philosophy

Emotion vs. rationality in dealing with success and adversity

Lesson 14: Stoic Philosophy

Historical paradigms to follow or avoid

Lesson 15: Project Presentations

Essays and Project Reports Due