Advanced Science Ethics - Spring 2014

Research Methods and Lives


Class Meetings: Tuesday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. H.B.S.C - 315

Course Description

The course covers basic concepts of sound research methodology in biomedical, human, and technology studies. These include formulation of hypotheses, study design, data collection and statistical data analysis. The course culminates the last two weeks with a connection of sound research methods to sound researchers’ attitudes, by delving into the teachings of stoic philosophy.

Course Feedback (2013)

"I liked it a lot. It put lots of things in perspective and drew a very clear outline of methods."

"Very good to learn exactly how to deal with data, how to analyze it in a statistical way, and also how to present it. Every Ph.D student will greatly benefit from this knowledge when writing his/her dissertation."

"What I liked most is that I'm analyzing my PhD data set in this course. It is related to my research and I learned a lot."