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Faculty Publications

This list of book publications represents a sampling of the work of CLASS faculty. It is not a comprehensive chronicle of their publications or citations. The publications on this page are updated annually and may not reflect the most current work of an individual faculty member.

2010 Publications

  • Kathleen Brosnan, Encyclopedia of American Environmental History (editor), Facts on File.
  • Paul Butler, Style in Rhetoric and Composition: A Critical Sourcebook, Bedford/St. Martin’s.
  • Robert Carp, Judicial Process in America (co-authored with Stidham & Manning), Congressional Quarterly Press.
  • Robert Carp ,The Federal Courts (co-authored with Stidham & Manning), Congressional Quarterly Press.
  • Robert Carp, The State Courts (co-authored with Stidham & Manning), Congressional Quarterly Press.
  • Alessandro Carrera, La consistenza della luce. Il pensiero della natura da Goethe a Calvino, Feltrinelli.
  • Alessandro Carrera, Librofilia, Cairo Editore.
  • Andrew Davis, Il Trittico, Turandot, and Puccini's Late Style, Indiana University Press.
  • Chitra Divakaruni, One Amazing Thing, Voice.
  • Casey Due-Hackney, Iliad 10 and the Poetics of Ambush: A Multitext Edition with Essays and Commentary (co-authored with Abbot), Harvard University Press.
  • Karen Fang, Romantic Writing and the Empire of Signs: Periodical Culture and Post-Napoleonic Authorship, University of Virginia Press.
  • Sarah Fishman, France and its Empire since 1870 (co-authored with Coughlin & Zaretsky), Oxford University Press.
  • Cynthia Freeland, Portraits and Persons, Oxford University Press.
  • Gerald Horne, W.E.B. Du Bois: A Biography, ABC-CLIO.
  • Susan Kellogg, Negotiation within Domination: New Spain’s Indian Pueblos Confront the Spanish State (co-edited with Ruiz Medrano), University Press of Colorado.
  • Ange Mlinko, Shoulder Season: Poems, Coffee House Press.
  • Stuart Ostrow, The Anatomy of a Broadway Musical, Limelight Editions.
  • Monica Perales, Smeltertown: Making and Remembering a Southwest Border Community, University of North Carolina Press.
  • Monica Perales & Raul Ramos, Recovering the Hispanic History of Texas (editors), Arte Público Press.
  • Brandon Rottinghaus, The Provisional Pulpit: Modern Presidential Leadership of Public Opinion, Texas A&M University Press.
  • Marc Zimmerman, Bringing Aztlan to Mexican Chicago: My Life, My Work, My Art (editor), University of Illinois Press.