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Obtaining a Procurement Card (P-Card)
Office of General Counsel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Office of Ombuds Services (UH Faculty and Staff)
Office Security (UH DPS)
Official Functions - Approval Form
Online Incident Reporting Form (UIT Security)
Online Job System (OJS) Training Tools [Human Resources]
Online Job System (OJS) Hiring Manager's Manual (Human Resources)
Online Job System (OJS) Training on Completing the RFO Process (Human Resources)
Online Job System (OJS) Training on Posting a Position (Human Resources)
Online Job System (OJS) Training on Sourcing Applicants (Human Resources)
Online Job System (OJS) User Request Form (Human Resources)
Online Offense Report (UH DPS)
Online Telecommunications Reports Web Site
Online Work Request (Non-Emergency Requests/Plant Operations)
Operation ID (Engrave Your Property) (UH DPS)
Operational Cash Advance Application Form
Ooutdoor Warning Siren Poster (DPS/Emergency Management Bureau)