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Laboratory Equipment Safety Clearance Form (Environmental Health/Safety)
Lactation Accommodation Information (Women's Resource Center)
Lactation Accommodation Request Form
Lactation Room Locations Map
Lactation Room Request Form
Learning and Assessment Services Web Site
Letter of Credit Process
List Archives of Listserv (UIT)
List of Professional Memberships
Listserv Interface Generator Instructions (UIT)
Listserv Mailing List Information (UIT)
Listserv Management Web Site (UIT)
Listserv Request Form (UIT)
Literature Distribution Quick Guide (Student Affairs)
Local Fund Equity Transfers Information
Local P-Card Cardholder Application
Lock Change Rates for Residential Units (Access Control - Keys)
Lock Shop Services Rate Change (Access Control - Keys)
Looking Up A Cost Center Definition
Lost and Found Web Site (UH DPS)
Lost and Found Online Reporting System (UH DPS)
Lync Frequently Asked Questions [Windows] [Macintosh] (Phone System - UIT)
Lync Phone Matrix (Features of Each System) (Phone System - UIT)
Lync Training and Documentation (Phone System - UIT)
Lync Unified Communications Web Site (UIT)