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E-Mail Affected by Spam Flagging Information (UIT)
E-Mail Retention Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [UIT]
E-Mail Wizard: Do I Keep It Process Flow (UIT)
E-Mailing Large Verification Worksheets
E-Services and Online Tools Web Site
ePAR Training/Reference Manual
ePerformance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
ePerformance Process Flow Chart
ePerformance Ratings Definitions
ePerformance Transfer Document Guide
ePRF (Position Request Form) Processing Manual (Human Resources)
eShip Global Purchases Application Form
eShip Global Purchases Procedures
Editorial Style Guide for University of Houston
Education Tax Incentive Information (Tax Department)
Educational Technology and University Outreach (ETUO) Web Site
Electronic Check Transaction Procedures
Emergency and Information Callboxes (Map)[UH DPS]
Emergency AP Payment Request Form

Emergency Campus/Travel Preparedness Kit Checklist (72-Hour) [UH Emergency Management]
Emergency Loans for UH Students (Dean of Students)
Emergency Loan Request Form for UH Students (Dean of Students)
Emergency Operations Center
Emergency PO Request
Emergency Quick Reference Guide 2013 (UH Department of Public Safety)
Emergency Ride Home (UH Commuter Club Program)
Emergency Procurement and AP Payment Process Flowchart
Emergency Reporting Form (Plant Operations)
Employee Election Form (Workers' Compensation - SORM-80)
Employee Exit Survey Form (Human Resources)
Employee Network Notification Packet (Workers' Compensation)
Employee Relations' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [Human Resources]
Employee's Report of Injury (Workers' Compensation - SORM-29)
Employment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [Human Resources]
Employment Hiring Process (Human Resources)
Encumbrance Adjustment Form and Instructions
Endowment Agreement - UH Foundation
Endowment Agreement Worksheet
Endowment Check Request Form
Endowment Fund Transfer Form
Endowment Handling Process
Endowment New Account Form
Endowment Process at University of Houston (Handout)
Endowment Process Presentation
Enrollment Services and UH Welcome Center Web Site
Environmental Health and Life Safety Web Site (UH EHLS)
Equal Employment Opportunity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) Web Site
Evening Parking Rules (Parking and Transportation)
Evening Services Available on UH Main Campus
Event Parking and Parking Request Form
Event Planning Key Points Document
Event Reservation and Rental of University Facilities (Chart)
Event Registration Forms (Student Affairs)
Event Registration Information for University Center (Student Affairs)
Event Registration Quick Quide (Student Affairs)
Event-Related Policies and Procedures
Excel Settings for Query in PeopleSoft Version 8.4
Exceptions to the Fly America Act (Use of Foreign-Flag Air Carrier)
Exchange E-Mail Account Application (UIT)
Export Controls and Travel Embargo Form (Division of Research Form for Travel Desitnations Outside of US)
Extension Cords Policies and Procedures (UH EHLS)
Extramural Gift Transactions Versus Gifts-In-Kind
Extramural Non-Gift Transaction Reporting Form