To record your electronic check transaction, you need to attach your settlement batch activity report from V-Clerk as a document backup to your journal.  For your journal, please make sure that you:


¨ª  Use account number 10512, which is the credit card bank account number, as your bank line account code

¨ª  Include in your journal line description the last six digits of your Bank of America Mastercard/Visa Merchant ID number. You can find the list of merchant number on this web site,, and select the Bank of America Merchant ID list option to open the Excel file for a list of merchant numbers.  It is sorted by department number for your easy reference.

¨ª  Include the transaction date or the batch date.

¨ª  Include your batch number.

¨ª  One journal line per batch.


Here is an example:


Electronic checks for batch date of 03/23/2011 with batch number 1579000 for BOA merchant number of 160898 would look like this below:


















To run the settlement batch detail report, please follow the following steps:


¨ª  Log on to


Once you¡¯re on the V-Clerk web site, click on ¡°Settlement Batch Activity Report¡±:



After you select ¡°Settlement Batch Activity Report¡±, the report is defaulted to display the credit card transactions for your department.  To display your electronic check transactions, click on ¡°adjust date range and transaction type¡± and drop down the menu to select ¡°ACH¡± for your transaction type and then click on ¡°Go¡±. 




You will then be able to view all your electronic check transactions, your report will look like this:



Either print this page with your company id information or write your company id number on your settlement batch detail report.  Your company id is located on the top left corner of the settlement batch detail report as shown on the V-Clerk web site when you first log on.  In this fictional example, the company id number is 1234567 which belongs to the UH Sample Department. 





Next click on the link underneath the batch number on the ¡°Batch ID¡± column to display the details you need for your report.






This is the report you need to attach to your electronic check journal.  Thanks.