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Costume History
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Late Gothic and Early Italian Renaissance

Ca. 1425 -1485
Russell, Douglas Costume History and Style;
Chapter 10 pp.157-175


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Brooke, Iris.  English Costume of the Early Middle Ages.  London: A. & C.  Black, 1936.  A useful coverage of the costume in England from 900 to 1300 with line drawings by the author.  These must be sued with a certain caution in conjunction with original sources.

-.  Medieval Theatre Costume.  New York: Theatre Arts, 1967.  A useful volume illustrated with line drawings on the costumes for the medieval theatre.

Cunnington, C. Willet, & Cunnington, Phillis.  Handbook of English Medieval Costume.  Philadelphia: Dufour, 1952.  Another standard research volume in a series on English dress by two of Englandís foremost authorities on costume.

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Kidson, Peter.  The Medieval World.  Landmarks of the World


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