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Costume History
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Syllabus Dramatic Arts


TUESDAY & THURSDAY;   8:30-10:00a.m.  ROOM #138 in BLDG. SR-1     THEA3364

THEA 6340 same WebCT calendar but require all research to be in pencil sketch format and a 20th century PPT presentation as contracted.


OFFICE: WT ROOM 113 "D" PHONE: #743-2918 OFFICE; 743-2919 X#2 STUDIO. 

Office Hours 10:AM to 11:30AM TU. &  TR. by appointment EMAIL 

COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. to familiarize you with the vocabulary, the concepts, and the fashion theories related to the history of clothing.   2. to increase your understanding and appreciation of the evolution of the Western World of clothing from primitive times to the present as it relates to social history, economics, technology, art and politics.   3. to achieve an insight into research techniques in movement, manners, and period style.    4. to develop the ability to recognize and anticipate fashion trends and their implications.   5. to acknowledge the essential role of clothing in society. and in your theatrical career.   6. to provide a foundation for further study and possible career choices in technology, design, and performance art.   7. to recognize the figure emphasis and silhouettes that developed within the chronology of each Historical period.        8. to improve the ability to note and record typical garments and accessories through regular and rigorous graphic assignments.   9. to investigate alternative approaches to production solutions through selection of appropriate historical garments 



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