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A katydid near La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica



Tony Frankino

I am working with Dr. Frankino to examine the proximate mechanisms (physiological and genetic) that regulate morphological scaling, using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model system.

Dr. Frankino's website


Alex Shingleton

Dr. Shingleton is working with Dr. Frankino and I on a project to examine the physiological mecahisms that regulate body size-wing size allometries in fruit flies.

Dr. Shingleton's website


Ian Dworkin

Dr. Dworkin is working with Dr. Frankino, Dr. Shingleton and I to examine the genetic mechanisms that evolve in reponse to selection on body size-wing size allometries in fruit flies.

Dr. Dworkin's website


Goggy Davidowitz

I worked with Dr. Davidowitz for my first postdoc to investigate the proximate mechanisms that create sexual size dimorphism in insects using Manduca sexta as a model system. Our results showed that the endocrine system of insects is primarily responsible for creating female-biased dimorphism in insects.

Dr. Davidowitz's website


Charles W. Fox

Dr. Fox was my thesis advisor. We have common interests in life-history evolution. Lately, we have been investigating how growth and life history traits are impacted by inbreeding depression at different environmental temperatures.

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Wolf U. Blanckenhorn

I have been working with Dr. Blanckenhorn studying latitudinal clines in body size and sexual size dimorphism of animals. Some of our earlier work showed that two classic evolutionary rules, Bergmann's rule and Rensch's rule, are potentially linked.

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Geoffrey E. Morse

I am working with Dr. Morse studying morphological variation in several species of Stator across large geographic areas.

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