Samuel Paxton
[born 1782 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
died on March 23, 1865 in McConnellsville, Ohio, PA]

Samuel Paxton was the youngest son of Captain John Paxton. He was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1782. He married about 1808 in Adams County, Pennsylvania, to Martha Kerr who died about 1821.

In 1830, he moved with his children to McConnellsville, Ohio. His father's will had given him nearly all of his estate with lands and mills which he sold before moving to Ohio.


  1. John Paxton
    [died at an early age in Lancaster, PA - see letter in Samuel J. Paxton

  2. Martha Paxton
    [b. 1810 d. ??]

  3. James K. Paxton
    [b. August 2, 1813 d. January 24, 1876]
    Married Elizabeth Robinson in 1859.
    "James K. Paxton died in Morgan Co. some 15 years ago. His only son died when a few years old. Has three girls living & two dead. One in Morgan Co. O. two in Denver, Col." [see letter in Samuel J. Paxton]

  4. Samuel J. Paxton
    [b. December 10, 1816 d. June 1, 1896]

  5. Elizabeth ("Betsie") Paxton
    [b. 1818 d. 1893]

  6. Mary Ann Paxton
    [b. March 14, 1820 d. 1893]
    Married William Chambers in 1849

All of the children were born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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