"Captain" John Paxton
[born 1736 in Ireland
died in 1822 in Lancaster, PA]

"Captain" John Paxton was the only son of John Paxton and either the grandson of James Paxton of Ireland or the grandson of Hugh Paxton of Maryland.

The following references may prove helpful to others researching this lineage.

[The following information is taken from Leedy and Leedy, 1972]

Captain John Paxton, only child of John and Grazell Paxton, was born in Ireland, appartently in 1736. He came with his parents to Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1740. This family was among those who did not move on to Virginia but chose to stay in Pennsylvania. John married Jane McNeely, about 1759. She died in 1823. During the Revolutionary War, a battalion was newly raised in the vicinity of his home. John was elected, by ballot, Captain of Company D, 2nd Battalion, York County Militia. Among other engagements, the Battalion participated in the battle of Brandywine and of Germantown. Captain John was severely wounded in the latter battle. After the war he returned to his mill.

Children include:

  1. Reverend William Paxton
    [b. April 1, 1780 d. April 16, 1845] On January 20, 1794 he married Jane Dunlop who died in 1862. He was ordained October 3, 1792 and served two Presbyterian Congregations -- Lower Marsh Creek and Tom's Creek -- for 49 years. They had 6 daughters [and 2 sons : John and James. John had at least 1 son, William who was thought to be a professor at Princeton... From a letter written by Samuel J. Paxton, grandson of Captain John Paxton. See Samuel J. Paxton].

  2. Dr. John Paxton, married Sallie Slemmons

  3. James Paxton

  4. Grace Paxton, married John Coughey

  5. Jane Paxton, Married Joseph McGinley

  6. Mary Paxton

  7. Samuel Paxton, Married Martha Kerr who had a brother brother William, a Presbyterian Preacher.

[Samuel J. Paxton wrote that his grandfather, Captain John Paxton had 11 children. Thus, 4 are missing. I would very much like to have any additional information that can be supplied.]

The Paxton Family History contains the following information on the Captain.

"The will of Captain John Paxton is on record in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the following is a condensed copy.

Will of Captain John Paxton

In the name of God, Amen. I John Paxton, of Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a miller, being weak of body but of sound mind and memory, blessed be God for same, do this 16th day of March, 1822, make and publish this my last will and testament.

I Commend my soul to God, who gave it, and my body to the earth, to be buried in decent Christian manner at the descretion of my executor, here-in-after mentioned; and as to such worldly estate as I stand in possession of, I dispose of in the following manner , vis:

To each of my following children I give ten shillings, in full of their remaining share in my personal and real estate:

  1. John Paxton
  2. James Paxton
  3. Son-in-law(s) John Coughey and
  4. Joseph McGinley.

I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Paxton, $600.00; but not to be paid to her until seven years after decease; only the interest therefrom, if required, together with one bed and her furniture and all other personal things she may require for her personal accomodations, and one room in the dwelling house and privileges of the kitchen during her natural life.

I give and bequeath to my son, Samuel Paxton, my estate, both real and personal, to wit: land and mills, goods and chattels of every kind, subject, never-the-less he paying the bequest, above mentioned, to my sons and daughter, to remain in the hands of my executor for the term of seven years aftrer my decease, he paying them yearly interest, if so requested; and it is also my will that my son, Samuel Paxton, shall have full power to sell and convey lands, herein mentioned, at any tim he may think proper, for his advantage.

And I do constitute and appoint my son, Samuel Paxton, my whole and sole executor of this, my last will and testament, revoking and disannulling all other wills whatever, ratifying and confirming this, my last will and testament.

(signed) John Paxton


Witnesses: Daniel Eckman and John Kidd

This will was probated, July 19, 1823.

Captain John Paxton was a miller, a worthy citizen and an elder in the Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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