Samuel J. Paxton
[born on December 10, 1816 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
died on March 23, 1896 in McConnellsville, Ohio, PA]

Samuel J. Paxton was the second child of Samuel Paxton. He was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1816. He was married 3 times and had 11 children.

    Charlotte McDowell - married on July 25, 1843
    [b. June 21, 1812 d. September 16, 1832]

  1. Franklin Kerr Paxton
    [b. May 27, 1984 d. March 21, 1920]
    Married Alice Catherine Haines

  2. James Harvey Paxton
    [b. November 26, 1845 d. June 26, 1926]
    Married Anna Isabella Dye

  3. Perley Pulaski Paxton
    [b. April 7, 1847 d. October 26, 1915]
    Married Linda Cora Wadsworth

  4. Marion Lafeyette Paxton
    [b. October 13, 1848 d. ??]

  5. Charlotte Paxton
    [b. March 23, 1851 d. ??]

  6. David W. Paxton
    [b. July 15, 1852 d. ??]

  7. Cossuth Paxton (twin to David)
    [b. July 15, 1852 d. ??]

    Ruth Ann McCarty - married on July 3, 1856
    [b. March 28, 1832 d. September 11, 1868]

  8. Mary Francis Paxton
    [b. June 30, 1861 d. February 18, 1867]

  9. Sara Alice Paxton
    [b. November 20, 1864 d. November 20, 1892]
    Married Captain Diodate Morgan

  10. Samuel Minor Paxton
    [b. March 18, 1866 d. October 20, 1932]
    Married Hattie May Scott

    Eva Pierce Welsh - married on September 23, 1873
    [b. November 25, 1850 d. February, 1903]

  11. Carl Cromer Paxton
    [b. October 4, 1874 d. October 12, 1929]
    Married Hermie O. Akers

Samuel J. owned and operated a general store in Renrock, Ohio (red dot on the above map).  Sometime in the 1880s he 
turned over the store to his son James Harvey Paxton.  [The store had been built by Fermin Dye].  Samuel J. moved his family to Ft. Scott, Kansas.  He operated a general store there for a number of years until it was wiped out by a flood.  By now, he was aged and broke so it became necessary for the family to separate, Samuel coming back to Ohio to live with the children at Renrock and McConnellsville and wife, Eva, and son, Carl, going to Ft. Worth, Texas.

Samuel J. Paxton wrote the following letter to his son Carl Cromer Paxton. The letter was in the possession of Clair Akers Paxton. An image of the first page of the letter follows. My "translation" follows the image.

[Dates given in the letter indicate that Samuel J. wrote this to Carl on May 28, 1894 -- nearly two years before Samuel J. died]

As far back as I know John Paxton came to this contry about 1735. This was my g. grandfather, his son was 4 years old name John, my grandfather. They were Scotch Irish Presbyterian. My grandpah lived to be over 80 years old. I recollect him. He had a family of 11 children. My father the yongest. The oldest Rev. William Paxton Presbyterian Preacher lived and died near Gettysburg in Adams Co. PA. had two sons John and James both dead. John had two sons. I think one of them Wm M. Paxton is a Presbyterian Preacher some place East. I think professor in Princeton College, N. Jersey. Very Rich. He married a rich girl in Pittsburg.

My faher married Martha Kerr. She had a brother Wm a Presbyterian Preacher so we are of the Eleet breed. My father had six children. 3 boys & 3 girls are dead but Betsey, xxx myself. My brother John died in Lancaster C. Pa when a little boy. James K. Paxton died in Morgan Co. some 15 years ago. His only son died when a few years old. Has three girls living & two dead. One in Morgan Co. O. two in Denver, Col.

I was born in Lancaster Co Pa. Dec 10, 1816 have five boys living no girls. Franklin K., the oldest was fifty years old yesterday May 27 1844 has four children. 3 boys one girl lives in Washington Co. O. Sam, his oldest boy is married has a daughter 6 months old (Lucey). James H Paston is at Renrock Nobel Co. O. Perly Pulaski lives at Morrow Station in Washington C. Kansas has five children two girls three boys. The youngest born April 8. 1894. A young kid , unexpected I think dont know his name. L.M. (Marion Lafeyette?) Paxton lives in McConnelsville Ohio has three children 2 girls one boy, Carl Lewis, his boy is Carl E. Paxton lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hope that all may do well, this is all I think of now. Please write soon.

Samuel J. Paxton

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