. John Dye - Ezekiel's Brother

John Dye, Son of John Dye Sr.

John Dye 2 was born in 1774 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and died in 1823 in Washington Co., Ohio. He migrated at an early age with his father to near where the first battle of Bull Run was fought (red dot on the map to the right). Ezekiel Dye was his uncle. He married Hanna Hoff who was born in 1774 in Prince William County, Virginia and died in 1857 in Washington Co., Ohio. [She was the sister of Susan Hoff who married John Dye 2's half-brother Samuel. John Dye 2 and his half-brother Samuel emigrated from Virginia (near Manassas) and settled near Cow Run, in Washington County OH in 1805, located in what would become Lawerence Township]

According to the History of Washington County, Ohio the Dyes, Hoffs and Chambers families were probably the first white settlers in Lawrence Township. John died in 1823, the "sickly years", in Washington County, Ohio.

Township Map of Washington County, Ohio

The following information was graciously provided by Arnold Lake Hovey (Hoff) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2/11/98). Hannah Hoff was born in 1774 in Prince William County, Virginia and she died on December 22, 1857 in Washington County, Ohio. Her father was the Reverand Daniel Hoff who was born on July 31, 1747 in Sommerville, New Jersey. He died in 1802 in Prince William County, Virginia. His father was Dirck Huff and his mother was Cornelia Sebring.

Daniel Hoff married Laura Titus on September 19, 1769 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He later married Susan Sophia Moffett who was born in 1748 and died in 1818 in Washington County, Ohio.

Rev. Danile Hoff and Susan Sophia Moffett Hoff had 7 children.

  1. Enoch Hoff was born in 1773 in Virginia and he died in 1812 in Ohio. Enoch had been a slave master and trader. He settled near the mouth of Morse Run in Washington County. Enoch and his son James P Hoff were "slave catchers". Refugee slaves on several occasions were induced into the Hoff residence and there captured and carried back to bondage.

  2. Hannah Hoff was born in 1774 in Prince William County, Virginia, and died on December 22, 1857 in Washington County Ohio. She married John Dye 2.

  3. Jonathan Hoff was born in 1775 and died in 1812 in Fearing township, Washington County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Duncan.

  4. Susannah Hoff was born in 1776 in Alexandria, VIrginia and died on December 13, 1847 in Washington County, Ohio; she is buried in the Moss Run Cemetary. She married Samuel "Bud" Dye, step brother of John Dye 2.

  5. William Hoff was born in Virginia in 1780 and died on May 12, 1844 in Cow Run, Washington County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Duncan.

  6. James Hoff was born on April 11, 1788 in Virginia and died on April 15, 1861 in Washington County, Ohio. He married (1) Hannah Duncan (sister of Elizabeth Duncan?) on September 25, 1806; (2) Mary Polly Dye and (3) Jane Griggs.

  7. Mary Polly Huff was born on March 20, 1790 in Alexandria, Virginia and died on February 4, 1838 in Ohio. She married Isaac Hill (a neighbor from Cow Run) on October 15, 1806. By 1835/1840 Isaac Hill and family had moved to a farm a few miles east of Coolville, in neighboring Athens County, Ohio.

About 1805 the Hoff Family, consisting of Susan Sophia Moffett Hoff, widow of Reverand Danile Hoff and her three sons and four daughters came from Alexandria, Virginia and settled in Newport Township, above the mouth of Cow Run, Washington County, Ohio. Accompanying them were at least part of the families of John Dye, Sr., John Dye 2 and Samuel Dye.

John Dye 2 and Hanna Hoff had 11 children:

  1. Enoch Dye, born 1792 in Virginia and died in 1812 in Ohio (first person buried in the Dye Cemetery, Washington County, Ohio).

  2. Thomas Mophet Dye, born August,1795 near Prince William County, Virginia and died on July 26, 1843: married Elizabeth Hill who was born on March 15, 1794 in Maryland. She died on December 23, 1851 at Washington County and is buried in the Dye Family Cemetery. They had 7 children - Hannah, Enoch E, Margaret Hill, Moffet , John Q, Isaac H. and Emma.

  3. Mophet Dye, born about 1796 in Virginia

  4. Susannah, born about 1798 in Prince William County, Virginia and died in 1867 : married Robert Pierce on December 2, 1819 at Washington County, Ohio. Susan and Robert are buried in the Dye Cemetery in Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio.

  5. Eliza Dye, born about 1800 in Virginia. She married Nathan Davis (born in 1812) and they had 8 children.

  6. Emma Dye, born about 1805 in Virginia and married William Chambers)

  7. Samuel Moffitt Dye was born in 1806 in Fearing, Washington Co., Ohio and died in Warren Township, Washington Co, Ohio on June 2, 1884. He is buried in the Dye Cemetery in Washington County. Ezekiel Dye would have been his great uncle. In 1830 he married Lucinda Dye who was the daughter of Ezekiel Dye. She died on February 1, 1870 at Gravel Bank, Warren Township, Washington County, Ohio. They were married in Renrock, Ohio and had 16 children. Thus, a grandson of John Dye Sr. married the daughter of Ezekiel Dye. Their first son was Morgan Isaiah Dye who was born December 7, 1832 and died on April 13, 1906 at Moss Run. He was a private in Co, F., 92nd Regt., Ohio Volunteer, from 1862 to 1865).

    There is a short biographical sketch of Samuel in the History of Washington County, Ohio. Samuel Dye spent the early part of his life helping clear the forest and aiding in the support of his family. His father (John Dye) was of a delicate constitution and unable to withstand the more arduous duties of a pioneer life. His wife Lucinda died after a short illness on February 1, 1870. Their children were Morgan I., John K., Daniel U., Arius Newton, Charlotte M. Furnam J., Sarah E., Joseph R., W. Wirt, William Chase and Franklin C.

    He held the office of justice of the peace for twelve years and was noted for his just and impartial disposition of all questions which he was called upon to decide. Three of his sons (Daniel U., Morgan I., and Thomas M. served in the battle for the preservation on the Union. Many of his children receive a college education.

  8. Daniel Hoff Dye, born about 1807 in Washington County.

  9. John Washington Dye, born about 1810 (married Anna Isabella Dye, daughter of Vincent Dye and grandaughter of Exekiel Dye)

  10. Andrew Jackson Dye, born November 23, 1816, He married Maria Petty and they had 11 children. In 1904 his daughter Charlotte wrote a letter a brief family history that was dictated by Andrew Jackson Dye when he was 85 years old.

  11. Hannah Dye, born September 14, 1818 (married George Casady).

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