. Andrew Jackson Dye

Family History - by Andrew Jackson Dye.

Andrew Jackson Dye was the son of John Dye and Hannah Hoff. In 1904 his daughter Charlotte wrote a letter to a "Kind Friend" in which she wrote a brief family history dictated by her father who was 85 years old at the time.

Sitka, Ohio
May 5, 1904

Sitka, Ohio [The letter is copied on the stationary of the the Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky.]

Kind Friend:

My father A.J. Dye received two letters from you and as he is too old and feeble to write I will write as he tells me. He is past 85 years old and would have written sooner but he was too sick to give me the history you asked for.

I am A.J. Dye. My fathers name was John Dye and his fathers name was John Dye. They came from New Jersey to West Virginia (which suggests that the family migrated from Prince William County, Virginia to somewhere in West Virginia prior to moving to Washington County, Ohio) when my father was in his teens under 21 years. My father John Dye married Hannah Huff in Virginia. Came to Ohio in 1804. They had 14 children (I only have 12 listed - can someone add the others?). I was the 12th one. The settled in on the farm that I now live on.

My grandfather was married twice. His first wifes' name was Mount. They had three children (I know of only two - John and Thomas - can someone add the third?). My father was one of them. His second wifes name was Caywood had 8 children by her. I did not get much history from my Father as he died before I was 7 years old. I was borned November 23rd 1816. Was married in 1838 to Maria Petty; had 11 children by her; all lived to be Men and Women. We had 7Boys and 4 Girls. The boys are as follows- Daniel H., Ludwell P., Thomas C., George P., William A., Siemon H., Stephen A. Girls are Julia M., Hannah, Charlotte, amd Emma.

My father had a Brother by the name of Ezekiel Dye. [this interests me as Ezekiel Dye was Andrew Jackson Dye's great uncle and not his uncle -- is something missing?]. He came to Ohio a year or so after my father and settled in Noble County (Renrock) Ohio. Has one son living yet, his name is Furman Dye, Renrock, Noble Co., Ohio. He is a Lawyer and has one son in Caldwell County, Ohio. His name is Cash Dye. He is a Lawyer and also Mayor of Caldwell and if you will write to him he will be able to tell you more than I can. Well I guess this is all I can tell you and if it will be of any benefit to you I will be so thankful as I have no much more time to live in this world and love to do good to all I can.

Well as my father thinksthat thisis all he can say now that will favor our cause I will close. I am at home with my Father and he is one of the best men that ever loved. Please excuse me for not answering sooner.

I am Respectfully yours

Charlotte Dye

the originalof which the above is a copy was addressed to Mrs. May Han Heidinger, West Union, Iowa and sent to me to read in her letter of 10 May, 1904. Received 14 May - 1904.

JWS Dey.

I believe that this was the infamous J. Warren S. Dey - collector of Dey and Dye Data. The letter is post marked Reinersville, Ohio and addressed to Mr. J. W. S. Dey, Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky.

Sika, Ohio is near Marietta and about 28 miles from Renrock, Ohio