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Electronic Reprints of ANON Columns

The ANON columns were started to provide information about how and why readers of Computers&Geosciences were using the Internet as a part of their academic and research efforts. Although some of the columns were prepared by the Associate Editor most were contributed by guest editors. If you have a suggestion for a future column please send it to the associate editor.

Contents printed in green will be activated once the issue has been published.

YearVolNoTitleGuest Editor
1995216Internet SPECIAL ISSUEJohn Butler

1995217ANON Home PageJohn Butler

1995218IAMG PTP Site
Software on the Internet
Eric Grunsky
Art Busby

1995219ANON Survey - Expertise & InterestJohn Butler

19952110Mirror Worlds Rob Harrap

1996221Producing WWW PagesJohn Butler

1996222Searching For Internet ResourcesJohn Butler

1996223Geophysics SPECIAL ISSUEJohn Butler

1996224Geosciences In BulgariaAndrej P. Andreev &
Vassil T. Vuchev

1996225Preparing Content for the WWWJohn Butler

1996226Facilitating Scientific ExchangesStephan Krumm

1996227Polish Geosciences Resources on WWWZbigniew Zwolinski

1996228Pedagogy and the WebWarren Huff

1996229Neural Networks SPECIAL ISSUEJohn Butler

19962210Kola EcogeochemistryPatrice Caritat

1997231Surfing or Drowning ....John Castleford

1997232The Internet - An Organizations Perspective Bob Abrahart

1997233Editorial CommentsJohn Butler

1997234The Internet in SpainKlaus Bitzer

1997235Georgia Geoscience On Line Pam Gore

1997236Teaching Asynchronously Pascal de Caprariis

1997237QORM - a vegetarian approach to information Paul Browning

1997238The Internet and Professional Societies Dave Crane

1997239The Society of Exploration Geophysicists David Ulrich

19972310Geophysics Special Issue John Butler

1998241Electronic publishing on WWW-- a publisher's viewBas van der Hoek
1998242Bridging the communications gaps between the user and the information technology support staffDiane Triple
1998243Evolution of the Cooperative University-based Program in Earth System Science EducationMartin Ruzek
1998244I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!Michelle Lamberson
1998245Visualizing EarthHolly Dodson
1998246What Do Users Want?Rex Buchannan
1998247Distributed EducationJohn Butler
1998248Rethinking ExpectationsJohn Butler
1998249The Web -- What's MissingGary Novak
19982410Web-based learning: getting students involvedRoger Suthern
1999251Web-based Learning ConferenceJohn Butler
1999252Internet&Teaching in PortugalJose Brilha
1999253TRIADSDon Mackenzie
1999254The Web-Based Learning WorkshopJohn Butler
1999255Computers and EducationJohn Shea
1999256Web-Based Instruction - A Personal ViewDavid McConnell
1999257Web-Based DatabasesJames Myers
1999258Project SisyphusJohn Butler
1999259Teaching OnLineJohn Waldron
19992510Teaching OnLine - Part IIJohn Waldron
2000261ChallengesJohn Butler
2000262A Digital Library for Earth Systems EducationCathy Manduka
2000263The Future of ComputingGraeme
2000264Geoscience Education Through Interactive TechnologyCambrian Systems
2000265The Spanish Peaks Web PageBrian Penn
2000266The Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data ClearinghouseSheena K. Beaverson
2000267Using Web Resources to Improve Class InstructionMark Francek
2000268Education : A Whole New BallgameDoug Yarger
2000269,10Using the Internet to Build Scientific Literacy in K-12 Schools Bill Slattery
2000271Leveraging the Web for Student Self-Assessment Michael Ritter
2000272How to Identify the "Best" Resources for the Reviewed Collection of the Digital Library for Earth System EducationKim Kastens
2000273Research on Teaching and Learning Marilyn Suiter
2000274Visualization in Undergraduate Geoscience Science Education: What Do We Really Know? Mary Marlino
2000275Managing Internet Resources Barbara DeFelice
2000276Computer Programming in the 21st Centure : Quo Vadis? James Carr
2000277Reflections on Virtual Field Work Lawrie Phipps
2000278Online Communities Created for Earth System Science Teacher Professional Development James Botti
2000279An approach to distance-learning courses based on streaming audio and vector graphics John Kemeny
2000279Geoscience Digital Image Library.- GeoDIL Dexter Perkins