Philosophy 1361, Philosophy and the Arts, Fall 2010    Section 28460

MW 1-2:30 AH 108

Professor Cynthia A. Freeland, 713-743-3206

TA: Glenn (“Boomer”) Trujuillo, 713-743-3198

Tentative and subject to revision; check back regularly for updates and changes.
*Designates due dates for Art Log entries and another assignments. Remember, Art Logs are NOT accepted late!


M 23 Introduction, Overview of Course
Basics about Art & Aesthetics
Begin reading Freeland Chapter 1, Blood and Beauty

*W 25 Blood and Beauty in Art (Freeland Chapter 1) Discussion
See Art Links for Chapter 1
Blood in Art (Illustrations: Goya, Botticelli, Serrano, Mapplethorpe)
Defining Art: How Philosophers Argue *Art Log #1 Due

M 30 The "Aesthetic" and Genius (Kant ABQ 31)
Key selections in Kant
See also the Versailles Official Website.


W 1 Defining the "Aesthetic" (Stolnitz ABQ 7) Key selections in Stolnitz
More on the "Aesthetic" (Eaton ABQ 8) Key selections in Eaton
Summary of attempts to define art thus far
View Dr. Freeland's "aesthetic experience" from several years ago! (Rainbow + Sunset in Michigan).
Miscellaneous Remarks about the Aesthetic (downloads as Word doc file)

M 6 No class/Labor Day Holiday

*W 8 Begin Freeland Chapter 2, Paradigms and Purposes
See Art Links for Chapter 2
*Art Log #2 Due

M 13 Ancient Aesthetics and Tragedy (Sophocles ABQ 23; videos)
Selected videos of scenes from ancient Greek tragedy

Greek Tragic Families

W 15 Ancient Tragedy (continued): Plato ABQ 18, Aristotle ABQ 24
Key points in Plato and Aristotle

M 20 Horror Freeland ABQ 30
Recommended film (optional): Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Check out Dr. Freeland's horror movie book.
Links to Censorship and ratings system information

*W 22 Visit to Campus Art Gallery, Blaffer Gallery  (TENTATIVE)
***Meeting is not in classroom today! Come to the University Art Building on campus and then to the Blaffer Gallery, on the ground floor. Where is Blaffer Gallery on Campus?
*Research Proposal Due

M 27 Medieval Aesthetics: Thomas Aquinas (lecture)
Video on Chartres Cathedral to be screened in class

*W 29 Nietzsche's Aesthetics introduced, ABQ 25
Nietzsche, Tragedy, Opera
Notes on Nietzsche
*Art Log #3 Due


M 4 Nietzsche and Wagner
Wagner's Parsifal Music and video clips in class.

Resources on Wagner and Nietzsche (including links to Youtube video clips)
Take-Home 1 Topics Announced

W 6 Danto's "Art World" Theory and Warhol's Brillo Box, ABQ 3
See the Warhol links and Danto links on the ArtLinks2 page.

Selections from Video, The Examined Life, to be screened. This was produced in Amsterdam in 1998. This video shows interviews with three philosophers speaking about art, including Arthur Danto. The video is beautifully illustrated with images from Picasso, Mondrian, Warhol, and others.
Notes on Danto's article

*M 11 Begin Freeland Chapter 3 Cultural Crossings
See Art Links for Chapter 3
Richard L. Anderson, From Calliope's Sisters (on Eskimo Art), in ABQ 2.
Video selections on Inuit sculptors and printmakers in northeastern Canada.
Essay Take-Home 1 Due (Submit on-line via WebCT)

W 13 Open Day, TBA/Catching Up

M 18 10 D.T. Suzuki, "Zen and the Art of Tea," Ch. 5 in ABQ
Video selection on Buddhist aesthetics in Japan, including martial arts and the tea ceremony.

*W 20 W. Msosa Mwale, "Form and Style in a Likhuba Master Dancer," in ABQ 35
Brief outline of Mwale's article
Video selection: Dance at Court, including dance in Ghana.
*Research Bibliography and Report Due (Submit in-class or on-line.)

*M 25 Begin Freeland Chapter 4 Money, Markets, Museums
See also Art Links4 page
See also Lecture Notes for this chapter.
In class examples from Komar and Melamid, "Most Wanted Paintings" (Website and Book).
Hilde Hein, "Museums, From Object to Experience", ABQ 11
More information about art and money (with links)
*Art Log #4 Due

W 27 Taste
David Hume, "Essay on Taste," ABQ 14
Pierre Bourdieu, "From Distinction", ABQ 15.


M 1 Begin Freeland Chapter 5, Gender, Genius, and Guerilla Girls
See Art Links for Chapter 5.
Linda Nochlin, "Why Are There No Great Women Artists?", ABQ 33

*W 3 Carol Duncan, "The MoMA's Hot Mamas", ABQ 12
Illustrations in class: Pollock, de Kooning, Picasso
*Art Log #5 Due

M 8 Rozsika Parker and Griselda Pollock, "Crafty Women and the Hierarchy of the Arts", ABQ 4
Outline of key points in "Crafty Women"
Illustrations in class: Amish quilts, Women Artists, Textiles and Tapestries, Native American women's pottery, Navajo Blankets, Huichol art, etc.

W 10 Begin Freeland Chapter 6, Cognition and Creation
See Art Links for Chapter 6
Foucault, "What Is An Author?" ABQ 34
Illustrations and discussion of Velazquez's painting Las Meninas, the example given by Foucault in The Order of Things

*M 15 More on Foucault; Examples of Francis Bacon's Works (See Artlinks page for more)
Video selection from Love is the Devil,, film about Francis Bacon
More discussion of interpretation in art
*Art Log #6 Due

W 17 The Brain's Role in Perceiving Art
Lecture by Dr. Freeland covering recent books and articles by neuroscientists V.S. Ramachandran and Seymir Zeki.
Background Reading: Dr. Freeland's essay, "Teaching Cognitive Science and Visual Art"
See also Art and the Mind-Brain, a course taught at Washington University, St. Louis, by Professor Mark Rollins.

**M 22 Begin Freeland Chapter 7, Digitizing and Dissemination
See Art Links for Chapter 7.
Research Project Due (Submit on-line on WebCT)


M 29 Post-Modern Art
Jean Baudrillard and Post-Modern Theory
Baudrillard Quotes
Also of interest: "The Spirit of Terrorism," Baudrillard's controversial article on the bombing of the World Trade Center
See discussion by Chris Knipp, "The Matrix,a French Philosopher, and the Events of September 11", from the Baltimore Sun and Sentinel
Illustrations in class of postmodern art.
Take-Home Topics Announced for Final (Take-Home 2) Due Dec. 9th


W 1 Digital Art
Examples; conclusions, review.

**Th 9
Take-Home Final Exam Essays Due (Must be submitted on-line via WebCT)

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