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Exploratory Studies Orientation

New Coogs - Welcome to Exploratory Studies! 

We can't wait to meet you at New Student Orientation Advising. There are TONS of things to do in order to begin your first semester at UH. New Student Orientation can be overwhelming- there’s just so much to learn about your new life at UH. No worries! We are here to help you with the transition, step-by-step. At this point, you should have completed both the Pre-Orientation and Exploratory Studies College Modules.

Here are your NEXT STEPS:


You will have the most successful advising appointment if you prepare ahead of time.  Your advisor will expect that you have prepared before the academic college meeting.  You can definitely ask questions when you talk to your advisor and move things around - but the important thing now is to get your planning started.

Before Orientation:

  • Review the Exploratory Studies NSO Guidebook and UH 4-year Academic Maps. Download or print a copy of the UH 4-year Academic Map of your intended major. Each Academic map will give you a great one-page visual of all the courses that are required to graduate with that major. Looking at the maps side-by-side is a great way to compare majors you might be interested in.
  • You may also view the Exploratory Studies Major Previews to learn more about your intended major. Are you leaning toward certain majors, or do you still want to explore a bit? Both options are fine! Review the Major Previews to inform yourself about the change of major requirements for each academic college - these are the requirements you must meet to change your major after at least one semester of enrollment at UH.
  • Make a list of all your questions so that you will be ready to ask them.
  • Have your Advanced Placement (AP) scores, transfer credit, etc. readily available to share with your advisor to ensure the best course planning. All credit must be evaluated by the UH Admissions office to ensure that proper credit is given.
  • Be aware of any holds on your record (such as TSI) that will prevent enrollment on your orientation date.

Orientation - Day 2 (Academic College Meeting):

  • On your scheduled date we ask that you bring a device such as a laptop to enroll in classes. Course enrollment will be very difficult to complete on a smartphone.
  •  During the academic college meeting you will:
    • Hear the Academic College Presentation given by our advising team.
    • Meet with an Exploratory Studies Academic Advisor who will confirm your courses.
    • Have open Q&A to have pertinent academic questions answered, etc.
    • Enroll in courses.

You've prepared and confirmed, and now you're ready to enroll!

  • Check this list to make sure you are Enrollment Ready
  • Remove all holds listed in your myUH Student Center. You cannot register until ALL holds have been removed. 
  • Use the Schedule Planner to find the best courses at times that work with your schedule.
  • Learn how to add a class. It's really important to have a list of backup sections and courses in case your first choices are full. 
  • When your schedule is ready, log in to your myUH account and begin enrolling in your courses.
  • See specific instructions for enrolling in CORE 1101
  • Be patient with this process – you may get some of the sections you chose right away, and you may find that other sections are full. This is all completely normal! Go back to find other courses that fit with your Academic Map; you can make any changes you like to your schedule all the way until the semester begins.

After Orientation:

  • If you need additional assistance after attending your college meeting, you may stop by our Virtual Help Desk at any time.
    • Virtual Help Desk on Microsoft Teams Join Code: 57foi73
  • Or you may find more information right here on the  Exploratory Studies Orientation page.
  • We will contact you to ensure that you are enrolled in courses, answer questions, and direct you to resources on campus.


We are excited to welcome you to Exploratory Studies and help you on the path to declaring your desired major. 

Go Coogs!