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Need Help with a Real Estate Transaction?

Below you will find a brief overview of our processes and how to request assistance from The Office of Real Estate Services (ORES). Please refer to Internal (UHS Faculty and Staff) or External (Outside Individuals and Organizations) steps as appropriate for your inquiry.

Internal Requests and Services Provided for UHS Faculty and Staff:

Review and/or draft real estate related documents - Negotiate and finalize all business terms with input from the requesting department - Ensure compliance with Board of Regents and SAM Policies - Facilitate review process and obtain approvals from required departments and outside parties - Coordinate final approval process with Office of Contracts Administration "OCA" - Route and obtain required signatures to finalize transaction - File executed documents with relevant departments, and record with appropriate county if necessary.

Internal Documentation Required by UHS Staff/Faculty for Compliance with SAM 03.F.08:

  1. Memorandum or e-mail explaining the proposed transaction;

  2. Contract Coversheet / Business Term Sheet (Leases or General);

  3. Recommendation for Award Form 
    Required form used to summarize the basis of best value in selecting a particular service/vendor/contractor; 

  4. Justification of Proprietary (Sole Source) Acquisition (if applicable, this form is required by UH Purchasing Dept.);

  5. Market survey/study completed by a qualified consultant (If Applicable)
    UHS has contracted with real estate brokers who provide this service. ORES will connect you with brokers to conduct a full market survey tailored to your needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our process or the services provided by the Office of Real Estate. You may submit your request, along with the required documents to us via email at Please note, each transaction can take between 45-60 business days to process.

External (Non-UHS Staff/Faculty)

Please review our FAQs page for guidance on obtaining information and/or working a real estate transaction with the University of Houston System.

We look forward to working with you - Thank you!