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Getting Started with Digital Signage

If you're interested in launching digital signage for your department/division, you should contact the E-Communications team (ECOMM) at Our team can help coordinate hardware sourcing, software training and support, design consultation, and more. Alternatively, departments may coordinate their own hardware purchases and installation.

Service Requirements

Because UIT is providing software licensing at no cost to customers, all signage displays must adhere to the guidelines listed below:

  • Subscribe to a campus digital signage channel that will allow UHDPS to push out emergency notifications as needed to all displays in place of existing content
  • Adhere to a predetermined signage naming convention that is clearly marks the location of the display

Pre-deployment considerations

Prior to contacting ECOMM, please review the following:

  • Do you have existing signage displays that you manage independently?
  • Will you purchase your own hardware?
  • Who are your audiences?
  • What message/s are you trying to communicate?
  • Where can this display be installed to optimize usefulness?
  • What size display is best for this area?
  • Will the display be interactive? Static? Touch-screen enabled?

Viewing distance considerations

The viewing distance should be considered in three increments: Optimal, Marginal, Visible

Location considerations

UIT has identified four general location-types where digital signs may be used on campus

  • High traffic areas with short view time opportunties
    • Elevators
    • Hallways
  • Low/high traffic areas with long view time opportunities
    • Lounges
    • Dining areas
  • High traffic areas with short view opportunities AND includes lounge areas with long view time opportunities
    • Lounges
    • Waiting areas
  • Restricted use with short windows of signage content
    • Classrooms
    • Laboratories

The following image shows different potential uses for digital signage: