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Dr. Layne's Research Featured in UH Magazine

HHP faculty Dr. Charles Layne's research on helping astronauts maintain muscle strength and aerobic fitness during long periods in space was recently featured in UH Magazine. Dubbed "Mars in a box" the Novel Musculoskeletal Loading and Sensorimotor Assessment System is being developed through a grant funded by NASA’s Independent Research and Development Center.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

Pressure-sensing insoles are placed in the astronauts’ shoes during exercise. As different pressures are sensed, vibrators attached around the ankle joint are turned on. The crewmember then tries to move in such a way that the vibrators turn off.
“This biofeedback process forces the crewmembers to move in ways they might not otherwise, which may contribute to the maintenance of sensory receptors,” said Layne.

Read the full article in UH Magazine