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Dr. Melissa Markofski Featured on Houston Public Media

HHP faculty Dr. Melissa Markofski was interviewed on Houston Public Media's News 88.7 by Mr. Eddie Robinson. The Health and Science segment explored the popularity of CrossFit gyms in the Houston area and evaluated concerns for the potential risk of injuries from the vigorous exercises in CrossFit.

Dr. Melissa Markofski
Dr. Melissa Markofski

Below is a excerpt from the article on Houston Public Media:

“This is why I think it is important that people find a gym or a ‘box,’ as they’re known, when it’s a CrossFit-specific location that they’re comfortable with,” Dr. Markofski says. “People should be pushed to improve of course, but not pushed to the point of a breakdown in form, because this is where risk of injury is extremely great.”

Read the entire article on the Houston Public Media website