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The Center for International and Comparative Studies (CICS)

Houston is a vibrant international city, a unique center of limitless opportunities for local, national and international students. These characteristics are reflected at the University of Houston, one of the most diverse and dynamic universities in the United States. The Center for International and Comparative Studies (CICS) at the University of Houston provides the foundation for the study and debate of international and comparative studies. The CICS mission is to position UH at the center of international dialogue; creating innovative ideas and educating tomorrow’s leaders.

The Goals of CICS:

  1. Expand the understanding and practice of international education at UH,
  2. Foster interdisciplinary research and community,
  3. Sponsor faculty and student research in international and comparative studies,
  4. Showcase the international resources of UH, and
  5. Help strengthen partnerships within the US and abroad.

CICS is housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, with cooperation from the Bauer School of Business, the UH Law Center, and other parts of the UH community. It aspires to create international leaders in all fields and disciplines.