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Bulk Mail

A. Bulk Mail Services

Delivery Services has a Bulk Mail Service section to more economically address and sort large mailings for University departments. We provide the following services:

  • Folding - Can fold up to 3 sheets at one time
  • Inserting - Can insert up to 4 pieces per envelope
  • Inkjetting - printing names, addresses and barcodes directly on the mail piece
  • Labeling - self-adhesive labels (must be "1 across" continuous form)
  • Tabbing - Apply wafer seals to mail pieces
  • Sort, bag and tie mail into bundles (for Standard bulk - Non-Profit mail)
  • Sealing envelopes and metering of postage (for large mailings)

Before a large mailing gets too far into the planning stage, be sure to include the Addressing Specialist in your mailing arrangements. This person can be of assistance to you to ensure your mailing program is cost effective, efficient and timely.

Study the price list in this section. If you need any of these services, please call Bulk Mail Services at 713.743.5825. Compare our prices and the total cost of the job to an outside mailing service and see that we can SAVE YOU MONEY.

B. Bulk Mail Services Price List

Service Cost per 1,000 Service Cost per 1,000
Data file processing 25.00 Machine inserting with one type of fold, up to 2 pieces 25.00
Glue dots -1dot 44.00 Machine inserting with one type of fold, up to 4 pieces 31.00
Glue dots -2 dots 58.00 Live stamps 25.00
Hand Collate 38.00 Seal and meter 10.00
Hand Fold 40.00 Sort, tie and bag 22.00
Hand Inserting, flat envelope, up to 2 pieces 64.00 Tabbing, wafer seals –1 tab per piece 20.00
Hand Inserting, flat envelope, up to 4 pieces 85.00 Tabbing, wafer seals –2 tabs per piece 30.00
Ink jet address 20.00 Tabbing, booklet wafer seals –3 tabs per piece 48.00
Ink jet indicia 15.00
Ink jet text message 30.00
Revised January 2016