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Ballroom and Latin at Cougar DanceSport

Frequently Asked Questions about Cougar DanceSport

Do I have to be a UH student to join the dance club?
Nope! Cougar DanceSport at UH is open to the general public. However, since we hold our classes ar the Rec Center on campus, if you are not associated with UH you will have to pay a fee.
Do I have to have a dance partner to take the class?
No dance partner required! We will pair you up with another member and we always rotate partners during the class.
Where do you meet for class?
We normally meet in the Recreation and Wellness Center in the Multipurposde room 4.
When do you meet for class?
We meet every Friday and Sunday from 5-8pm during the semester, excluding certain holidays. Be sure to check our current class schedule for class dates and start time.
How do I register and become a member?
We normally host a registration session at the beginning of every semester, which is when most of our members register with us. All you have to do is fill out a membership request form and pay the membership dues. Don't worry if you can't make it to the first few meetings, you're always welcome to join.
Do I need dance shoes for class?
Absolutely not, socks are just fine! We recommend you invest in a good pair of dance shoes only if you plan on going further than just practicing to competitions and such.
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