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Learn to Dance
Ballroom and Latin at Cougar DanceSport
Beginner Level Dance Lessons -- No Experience Required!
Beginner level Ballroom and Latin dance lessons cover the pre-Bronze and Bronze steps for about eight basic International and American style dances and social style dances during a typical fall or spring semester. A typical list of dances will include:

Cha Cha   Waltz
Rumba Quickstep
Jive Foxtrot  
Samba Tango
Salsa Bachata

Members begin by learning the basics, focusing on movement, frame, balance, lead and follow, and proper execution. Additional steps are added throughout the class hour and over the whole semester.

Guided Practice
We believe that practice makes perfect. And the more you practice dancing, the better you get. In addition, research shows that people forget most of the information they learn in class within a couple of hours. Therefore, we have a practice session right after our beginning level so that you can practice and perfect whatever you learn in class immediately after. Guided practice means that instructors are always available for help. If we see that you are struggling with something, we will come and help. Or if you feel that things are not going how they should simply ask for help.
Intermediate Level Dance Lessons
Intermediate Ballroom and Latin dance Lessons review technique for pre-Bronze and Bronze level steps and cover more steps for the dances that we introduced in the Beginner Level Classes. Dance classes also include more technique and styling for the slightly more difficult dances in International style, such as Foxtrot, Quickstep and Jive. Classes focus on improving technique and musicality and building a practical routine for each individual dance.

Advanced Level Dance Lessons
The advanced level Ballroom and Latin dance Lessons are geared toward the experienced dancer who is looking to improve their dancing by working more closely with their partners and learning about competition and/or exhibition dancing. Past advanced level lessons have included all ten International style dances, and they are Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Samba, Rumba, Cha-cha, Jive and Paso Doble. The type of classes offered each semester changes because of the availability and interests of the teachers.
Want Dance Shoes for Class ?
If you plan on taking your dancing career further than just practicing or even the clubs, we recommend you invest in a good pair of dance shoes. Dance shoes (for both men and women) are designed for dancing and differ from regular high heels, dress or tennis shoes. They are more flexible, have suede soles, and provide more support. They will definitely help you to advance in your dancing! For a great selection of ballroom, Latin and/or Salsa shoes, check out a local dance store such as Robert & Lonnie's Dance Galaxy or International Dance Design.
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