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ˇ Why Do We Cook? (We could find only a part of the 50 min documentary. Watching the entire documentary can be worthwhile)

ˇ Did Cooking Make Us Human?

ˇ Monsters, Miracles and the Politics of Genetic Engineering

ˇ GMO Controversies: Science vs Public Fear

ˇ Can GMO be natural?-- TED Talk

ˇ Waiter, There's a Gene In My Soup!-- TED Talk

ˇ Biotech and the Hungry Planet by Neal Carter-- TED Talk

ˇ Organic or Not by Jayson Lusk-- TED Talk

ˇ Jimmy's GM Food Fight

ˇ Five part series on GMOs on Best Food Facts; five minute shorts

ˇ inFact: The Unpopular Facts About GMOs

ˇ GMOs on the Hufflington Post

     Hans Rosling Talks

ˇ The Best Stats You Have Ever Seen

ˇ Global Population Growth, box by box

ˇ Seemingly Impossible is Possible

ˇ The Magic of Washing Machine

     External Blogs

ˇ Cami Ryan on Society, Science, Technology and Agriculture

     Articles Published in 2014 (Click here  for recent audio links  for Radio interviews):

ˇ Defense of Modern Industrial Agriculture

ˇ A Pesticide as Medicine

ˇ Green Washing

     Previous Articles

ˇ The Green Washing of the Green Ideological Agenda: In defense of Modern Agriculture, Technology and Life.

ˇ World Food Crisis (Part I: The Good News), by Thomas R. DeGregori, American Council
on Science and Health.

ˇ World Food Crisis (Part II: The Bad News -- and the Case of Africa), by Thomas R. DeGregori, American Council
on Science and Health.

ˇ World Food Crisis (Part III: New Technologies Tailored to Location), by Thomas R. DeGregori, American Council
on Science and Health.

ˇ World Food Crisis (Part IV: African Partnerships), by Thomas R. DeGregori, American Council
on Science and Health.

ˇ World Food Crisis (Part V: Addendum on Vegetarianism for All), by Thomas R. DeGregori, American Council
on Science and Health.

ˇ Challenges Facing CPTM and the World Community

ˇ A Fungus in the New York Times

ˇ The Organic Difference, Such as it is

ˇ Maddening Media Misinformation

ˇ Projecting Assam

ˇ Marketing Muga

ˇ Silent but not Deadly

ˇ The All-Natural BioEngineered Future of Humans as Omnivores: The Past as ProloguePRIVATE Redesigning Animal Agriculture: Horizons in Livestock Sciencee 2005 CSIRO, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 3 October 2005  

ˇ Quietly, Invisibly, Ominously Getting Healthier and Healthier

ˇ Do's and Don't's of Disaster Relief

ˇ Anti-transgenic irrationality

ˇ The Chinese and Indian Economies and Their Mid Term Impact on Raw Material Demand

ˇ A summary of "Shiva the Destroyer?" Strategic Thinking section

ˇ Allergisch gegen Lupinenmehl? Kann nicht sein, darf nicht sein! ( additive link )

ˇ Magic vs. Modernity

ˇ "Balancing" Science and Pseudo-Science at the New York Times

ˇ Gibt es ein Recht auf irrelevante Informationen?

ˇ Not So Golden Silence on GM Rice

ˇ To Honor the Earth, Speak to the Issues and Not the Myths

ˇ Lupin Flour Anaphylaxis

ˇ Was uns die Tsunami-Tragödie lehrt

ˇ The Right to Know, The Need to Know (about Biotech in Hawaii?)

ˇ Tsunami: Tragedy as a Teacher

ˇ Pure But Not Yet

ˇ Julia Child's Legacy for the Future A reflection on Julia Child as symbol of modern abundance:

ˇ DDT in NYT: The Unfinished Agenda

ˇ Genetic engineering not significantly more dangerous than conventional breeding

ˇ Saving the Seed or Saving Romantic Assumptions

ˇ Going beyond the biotechnology debate 

ˇ Scam-a-rama  Eco-Politics and the English Language: From 1984 to 2004

ˇ The New Green Science

ˇ Recognizing a Giant of Our Time: Dr. Norman Borlaug Turns 90

ˇ 20 Questions for Foodphobes

ˇ Green Myth vs. the Green Revolution

ˇ Mad Cow and Madder Organic Agriculture


        - presented at the Association for Evolutionary Economics, 2004 Annual Program, San Diego, California,            January 2004. It will later be published in the Papers and Proceedings issue of the Journal of Economic           Issues. Posted with permission of the copyright holder, Association for Evolutionary        Economics

ˇ Loblied auf den Kuhdung, NOVO 67/68, November 2003 - February 2004, (German translation of Shiva the Destroyer)

ˇ Eco-Myth and Agricultural Reality:


ˇ The Postmodern Disconnect: Food Fetishism and Agricultural Reality

ˇ Toxic shock

ˇ The fault line in the organic debate

ˇ Muck and Magic or Change and Progress:

                 - Posted with permission of the copyright holder, Association for Evolutionary Economics

ˇ Background material for New Zealand Lectures

ˇ Shiva the Destroyer?

ˇ Interview with Food Chemical News senior editor Stephen Clapp

ˇ Saving the World Through Agriculture

ˇ Making organic produce sound safer

ˇ Making organic cow manure sound magical

ˇ Making longer lives sound like a bad thing

ˇ Downplaying modern gains in health--and height

ˇ If technology is killing us, why are we living longer?

ˇ The Anti-Monoculture Mania

ˇ But scientists are the ones who said... (food, drug,...)

ˇ Nattering Nabob of Nonsense:

ˇ NGOs Don't Speak for the Hungry

ˇ Unsustainable Anti-Biotech Protests

ˇ The Deadly Perils of Rejected Knowledge

ˇ DDT and Chemophobia

ˇ Anti-technology Rhetoric Won't Help Feed World. (Also available at

ˇ A Response to & Defense of Zero Risk Fiction & Anti-technology Rhetoric Won't Feed World (Scroll down for critical letter and DeGregori's response).

ˇ Call to action on organic low pesticide claims

ˇ Rociemos Con DDT

ˇ The Zero Risk Friction (Also available at on April 14, 2002 - 4th entry down)

ˇ Documentation for Zero Risk Fiction Defended

ˇ 'Reckless Caution': A Junk Science Principle and a Proposal for FDA Reform

ˇ It has been a very good Century, But...

ˇ Hoof-and-Mouth Crisis Shows How Far We've Come

ˇ Nonsense in Seattle

ˇ Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World ?

ˇ Let Us Spray! Malaria and DDT in Mozambique (at

ˇ The Sky Is not falling: The culture of baseless fears

ˇ Nazis versus cancer: The flip side of Fascism?

ˇ Winter for Hitler (Scroll down to view the article)

ˇ In Defense of DDT and Against "Chemophobia"

ˇ Genetically Modified Nonsense (Executive Summary)

ˇ Genetically Modified Nonsense (Full Article)

ˇ Genetically Modified Food

ˇ Environmentalism, Animal Rights Activism, and Eco-Nazism

ˇ Comments on Environmentalism, Animal Rights Activism, and Eco-Nazism 

ˇ The uncivil civil society(Japan)

ˇ The Uncivil Civil Society2

ˇ Child Labor or Child Prostitution?

ˇ When 'Green' Policies Harm Humans

ˇ The Precautionary Principle

ˇ The Precautionary Plus Principle

ˇ Uncooked Unhealthy

ˇ Media Bias?

ˇ The Journal of Obvious Results

ˇ DNA and Reductionist Science

ˇ When 'Green' Policies Harm Humans

ˇ Pseudo-Science and the Media: problems and lessons

ˇ The Postmodern Disconnect: Food Fetishism and Agricultural Reality

ˇ A Primer on Genetic Modification vis ā vis the Southern African Drought and Famine 

ˇ The scientist

ˇ UH Forum: Imagining the World Beyond September 11

ˇ Food Safety - Authentic Concern or Conjured Crisis?

ˇ Rockwell Lecture on DDT

ˇ Rockwell Lecture on DDT (Part II)

ˇ Rockwell Lecture on DDT (Part III)

ˇ Agriculture and Modern Technology: A Defense

ˇ Agriculture and Modern Technology: A Defense (Part II)

ˇ The Plant Protection Racket 

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