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Spanish Language Immersion

As a Tier One Scholar, you should use your study abroad stipend to take full advantage of the benefits of living and studying abroad.  One of the most viable options for Tier One students is to undertake a  language immersion program. You can choose from two Spanish language providers, Sol Education Abroad and Kukulcan, which offer language immersion programs in Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain. Competing in a global environment is increasingly difficult and knowing more than one language is becoming a critical skill needed to get ahead. With a growing Hispanic population in the US, bilingual skills are increasingly valued in any profession.  In addition, the benefit of living in the country while  learning the local language gives you cultural insight and sensitivities which further diversify your skill set. Immersion is still the fastest and easiest way to learn a new language – or to brush up on your proficiency.

News: Tier One Scholars develop cross-cultural language skills abroad

Reasons to consider Spanish language immersion:

  • You are short of hours needed to fulfill your 30 UH enrolled credit hours requirement for the Tier One Scholarship for this year or will be next year.
  • You are looking for a way to earn credits without having to overburden your schedule in the Fall or Spring semesters.
  • You want to accelerate your Spanish language fluency through cultural immersion by living with a host family abroad and taking Spanish from a university professor without delaying your graduation.
  • You want to take advantage of the $2,000 Tier One Study Abroad Stipend and have minimal out-of-pocket costs for studying abroad.
  • You want to gain a competitive advantage in your future profession.
  • You want to have a global education experience.

Program Costs and Duration Some of the programs with Sol Education and Kukulcan cost around $2,000 and typically include lodging with a host family, meals and program tuition. Generally, the only out of pockets expenses are those incurred by traveling such as airfare or public transportation once in the program country. There are also study abroad scholarships that Tier One students can apply for to offset the out of pocket expenses. Visit the Related Links for more information about the UH and national scholarships available. In addition, the general programs can be started any Monday of the week and finished as soon as three weeks after the start. There are flexible five week programs or programs with longer durations – up to 14 weeks.  Both Sol Education and Kukulcan are study abroad providers that the Study Abroad Office has partnered with for many years to provide language immersion experiences for UH students.   

Course Enrollment
The Study Abroad Office will enroll you in your courses and the grades will be included in your UH GPA calculation, which means the hours will count towards your annual 30 hours and 3.0 GPA requirements to maintain your Tier One Scholarship.  Courses taken during the Summer months are coded to count toward Summer hours.  Courses taken anytime during Summer IV session can be coded to count toward Summer or Fall semester hours.  Courses taken in the Winter mini-session can be coded to counted toward Spring semester hours.  With advance planning, these options provide hours toward your required 30 hours enrollment or can help to lighten your course load for the Fall or Spring semesters.

Visit Spanish Language Immersion FAQs (PDF) for more information.  If you have further questions, you can email Dr. Christine LeVeaux-Haley.  She will be able to answer your questions and update the FAQs accordingly.

Getting Started
If you are interested in participating in one of the Spanish Immersion Programs, get started with these initial steps:

  • Review the info sheets for the various Spanish language immersion programs.  Decide on the best program dates and courses you wish to enroll.  Scroll down to the end of this page to view the program info sheets as a pdf files.   
  • Once you have decided on a program and country, visit the Study Abroad website and follow the 5 Steps to Study Abroad, which include making an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad advisor.
  • Review the program provider’s specific deadlines (listed on each program info sheet) and the Study Abroad office deadlines (listed under “deadlines” on the Study Abroad website).
  • Complete and submit the Tier One Study Abroad Stipend Request Form. When you meet with the Study Abroad Advisor, be sure you identify yourself as a Tier One Scholar and bring you Study Abroad Stipend Request Form with you. 
  • Review additional scholarships for study abroad through the Study Abroad Office or Nationally Competitive Scholarships (see Related Links). 
Affiliated UH Programs (click on the destination country to view the Program Info Sheet PDFs)
                                      Programs         Destination

 Kukulcan – flexible start dates 3wk/5wk/8wk/12wk/14wk

 Cuernavaca, Mexico

 Kukulcan – set start dates 3wk

 Cuernavaca, Mexico

 Sol Education – set start dates 3wk/5wk/8wk/12wk/14wk

 Buenos Aries, Argentina
 Heredia, Costa Rica
 Oaxaca, Mexico
 Granada, Spain

 Sol Education – set start dates 3wk

 Buenos Aries, Argentina
 Heredia, Costa Rica
 Granada, Spain

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