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Service Center Request Procedures

Faculty Member:

  1. Creates invoices. 
    1. Please note, all invoice numbers must start with ‘EAS’.
  2. Submits invoices to the EAS Business Office via EAS ticketing system under the ‘Service Center Invoices’ category.

Business Office:

  1. Creates lines in File Maker Pro (FMP) for each invoice (credit/debit line – use default cost center 12345 for debit line).
  2. Scan and save invoices to share drive.
    1. For invoices to companies outside the University, create Accounts Receivable JE.
    2. For invoices to customers within the University, ask Faculty Member for appropriate speed type.
    3. Once returned from Faculty Member(s), change default cost center from 12345 to cost center provided on invoice by Faculty Member.
  3. Update Aging Log spreadsheet by copying description line and placing under correct Faculty Member, department, or vendor name.
  4. Update aging log by removing lines as invoices are returned or payments are received.

Principal Investigator/Business Office:

  1. Send an E-mail reminder with the aging log attached by the 5th of every month to Service Center Managers reminding them to submit invoices to the EAS Ticketing System. If invoices from the previous month were not paid, ask service center managers to follow up with vendors.

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