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Real Estate Services Web Site
Record Retention Schedule
Records Retention Training
Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [Human Resources]
Reference Checking Form (Human Resources)
Registering Your Web Site on the UH Web Pages (Web Server Account)
Registered Student Organization Social Event Policy (Dean of Students)
Registered Student Organization (RSO) Social Event Policy Registration (Student Affairs)
Registration of Alcoholic Beverage Distribution (Dean of Students)
Remote Deposit Procedures - Non-Endowed Gift Checks
Remote Deposit Procedures - Non-Gift Checks
Reporting a Crime (UH DPS)
Report a Security Incident Online Form (UIT)
Reporting Violent Incidents on Campus
Request For Offer Instructions for Manager and Staff (Human Resources)
Request For Offer Roadmap (Human Resources)
Request for Workplace Accommodation Form (EOS)
Request to Budget Fund Balance Form
Requests For Financial System Access (Instructions and Form)
Required Online Finance Training
Requirements for All Journals
Requisition Entry With Workflow
Requisition Workflow Information
Resale Inventory Reconciliation Workshop Training
Research and Technology Transfer Web Site
Reservation Forms Web Site (Student Affairs/SC)
Reset Password Web Site (UIT)
Residence Halls Conference Services Reservations
Return of Income To Principal Request Form
Revenue and Expense Budget Node Summary
Revenue Recognition Process
Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Registered Student Groups
Risk Management Institutional Compliance (IC) Manual
Risk Management Web Page
Run an Existing Query to Excel
Running Daily Funding Telecheck Report (Finance)