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Costume History
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Ancient Egypt

3100-30 B.C.

Russell, Douglas Costume History and Style; Chapter 2 pp.11-27


Casson, Lionel.  Daily Life in Ancient Egypt.  A Horizon Book.  New York: American Heritage, 1975.  A fascinating and useful book, with excellent illustrations on all aspects of living in ancient Egypt.

Garbini, Giovanni.  The Ancient World.  Landmarks of the World’s Art Series.  New York: McGraw-Hill, 1966.  An excellent and beautifully illustrated survey with many color plates on the development of art in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  The text is secondary to the plates.

Houston, Mary G.  Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Persian Costume.  London: A. & C.  Black.  An excellent technical explanation of the cut and drape of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Persian costume with a few color plates and over 250 line drawings.

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