TECH 6360

Data Analysis

This course presents the concepts of applied data analysis and statistics using spreadsheet software.

Optional class meetings are scheduled at 4:30 pm on selected Wednesdays in Room CAM 229. Check the schedule for dates. Changes will be posted to BBL site.

 Questions regarding the course should be addressed to: 

Dr. C. E. Goodson
Room 231 CAM

713-743-4046 (Office) You may leave a message; your call will be returned.

e-mail: Blackboard e-mail for course questions is good or you may use


Course Information and Resources


This document presents a description of course assignments, objectives, prerequisites, texts, and references to the textual materials.

Course Info

Find general course information.


Statistics for Managers using MS Excel by Levine, et. al. (8th ed.) 

Data Sets & Text Publisher Support

The data sets for the book are on-line. You will also find information regarding PH Stat and other information from the text publisher (8th ed.)

Computer Software

We will use MS Excel; any version is ok. You may access this software in the Computing Labs, 237 CAM or on the first floor of the T2 Building. As an alternative, you may use other statistical software of your choosing.



Important Dates

Course Schedule: Find information re reading schedule and other assignment deadlines.


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Special Purpose