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The Virtual Geoscientist -- Exploratory Cartographic Visualization
Special Issue of Computers&Geosciences

The primary goal for a special Exploratory Cartographic Visualization issue of Computers & Geosciences is to provide readers with a coherent set of papers that present research dealing with advances in map-based visualization of geo referenced data. We are soliciting papers that cover three key aspects of this research: (1) theoretical concepts that underpin extension of cartographic principles to dynamic environments for supporting research and decision-making, (2) implementation of concepts in exploratory cartographic tools, and (3) innovative applications of those tools. A second goal (and the goal behind the electronic component of the special issue) is to, for the first time, provide readers with dynamic illustrations that represent the dynamic tools being discussed (and to provide authors with a better way to present their research into dynamic tools). The special issue is being co-edited by Alan M. MacEachren (chair) and Menno-Jan Kraak (co-chair) of the International Cartographic Association Commission on Visualization and is a collaborative activity between the Commission and Computers & Geosciences.

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