The following was not designed to be the "end all" introduction to the Internet. The Internet is a dynamic entity and is changing rapidly. Rather, this was written to provide an "quickie" introduction to the Internet using the features of Interactive Internet Browsers (such as Netscape, The Internet Explorer, or Mosaic) to introduce concepts and terms and, at the same time, allow the reader to sample the Internet -- a learning by doing approach. These browsers can be used as the application for accessing many of the servers on the Internet, thus avoiding having to assemble an arsenal of software.

The reader is encouraged to "play the game" and spend some time experimenting. Try and answer the questions that are posed at various places in the following text. A list of references is provided at the end of this section that provides an answer to the "what do I do now" question.

If you are a new user remember that colored text identifies a hypertext link. Double clicking on the text will transfer you to an address where additional information is available.

Table of Contents

General Introduction


File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


World Wide Web (WWW)