Philosophy of Mind Syllabus  (Philosophy 3334)

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Office Hours:  Tue Thurs 11:30-12:30 and by appointment



Books:  Matter and Consciousness, Paul Churchland  (M&C)

             The Mind's I,  Dan Dennett and Douglas Hofstadter (eds.) (MI)


1.   Jan 16, 18              Introduction:  What the Course is About

            M&C Ch. 1, Ch. 5      MI  Ch.2 On Having No Head

2.  Jan 23, 25               Neurology 

            M&C Ch. 7 - 7.2        MI  Ch. 11  Ant Fugue p. 159-184

3.  Jan 30, Feb 1          Neural Models of the Mind  

            M&C Ch. 7.3 - 7.5     MI  Ch. 12  The Story of a Brain

4.  Feb 6, 8                  Computer Models of the Mind  

            M&C Ch. 6                 MI  Ch. 15  Beyond Rejection

5.  Feb 13        Review

Feb 15  EXAM #1


6.  Feb 20, 22              Dualism and Behaviorism 

            M&C Ch. 2 - 2.2        MI  Ch. 23  An Unfortunate Dualist

7.  Feb 27, Mar 1        The Identity Theory and Functionalism  

            M&C  Ch. 2.4 -2.5     MI  Ch. 26  Conv. with Einstein's Brain

8.  Mar 6, 8                 Eliminativism 

            M&C Ch 2.5               MI  Ch. 9  Spirit


9.  Mar 20 22              Review

Mar 27   EXAM #2   


10.  Mar 29 Apr 3      Meaning as Internal Ostention

            M&C Ch. 3 - 3.2        MI  Ch. 25 An Epist. Nightmare

11.  Apr  5, 10            Meaning as Causal Role

            M&C Ch. 3.3 - 3.4     MI  Ch. 22 Minds, Brains, Programs

12.  Apr 12, 17           Other Minds and Mine

            M&C Ch. 4                 MI  Ch. 24  What is it Like to be a Bat?

13.  Apr 19 24            Free Will  Readings TBA

14.  Apr  26                Review


May 10   FINAL  (2-5 PM in our classroom)


This syllabus is only an approximation, so please keep track of in class announcements about weekly assignments, and changes in readings and exam dates (if necessary). If you miss a class, you are responsible for all information provided, so take care to fill in what you did not get. On most Tuesdays you will be required to submit a short paper of no more than 250 words reflecting on the readings for that week. There will be two exams, one before and one after Spring Break, and a final.  Your grade will be determined as follows:  Short Papers 20%,  Two exams 25% each, Final: 30%.

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