Ancient Greek Philosophy

Philosophy 3383, Fall 2006

Dr. Cynthia Freeland

Unit One Outline: The Presocratics

All readings are in Ancient Greek Philosophy, ed. Cohen, Curd, and Reeve. See also Presocratics Bibliography.

Tues. Aug. 22
Introduction (1-8)

Thurs. Aug. 24
The Milesians (9-14)

Tues. Aug. 29
Xenophanes (21-23); Heraclitus (24-34)

Discussion Assignment due (one page): Choose two of Heraclitus' fragments and reflect on them. What do they mean? Choose two that seem to have the same theme, or else two that seem to contradict one another.

Thurs. Aug. 31 Heraclitus (continued)

Tues. Sept. 5

Parmenides (35-41)

Thurs. Sept. 7

The Pluralists (42-58)

Discussion Assignment due (one page): Draw a pictorial rendering of the cosmos as seen by Anaxagoras or Empedocles. Include as much information as possible. (Don't worry, no one will be graded on the basis of artistic abilities!)

New! See sample pluralist pictures by your classmates.

Paper One Topics announced

Tu. Sept. 12
The Atomists (64-71)

Thurs. Sept. 14
Begin Unit II, Plato
Paper Due on Unit I. Late Papers will be marked down. No papers accepted more than one week late.

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