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Advancing Sustainable Low-Carbon Energy Through Convergence

Accelerating the development and deployment of sustainable low-carbon energy solutions is required to continue to grow affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible energy for all, and to allow the US to lead the global energy transition. The convergence of advancing the science and engineering of energy and sustainability –including carbon management, renewable energy, alternate fuels such as methanol and hydrogen, energy storage, and the circular economy – is necessary for driving this acceleration. Moreover, their alignment with policy and social drivers such as human behavior is crucial. One of the strongest accelerators for the transition relies on developing the capabilities and competencies of the workforce with interdisciplinary tools. These include advanced technologies, big data analytics, and the integration of real-time artificial intelligence and machine learning with virtual and augmented reality to advance decision-making. These technological and workforce assets must be complemented by aligning regulatory policy, public policy, and business policy to enhance the rapid adoption of such a sustainable energy paradigm.